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There's a girl that I met a little while back. So April and I were honestly introduced to each other on Twitter, because one of my tweets got retweeted and she followed me and I followed back.

That's honestly all our friendship consisted of for a couple months.

Yeah, I was surprised when I found out about the age difference, don't get me wrong.

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One of them lasted a year and a half (collectively counting 2 of them), one of them lasted a month, and one of them lasted a week. I don't worry about what she might be doing when I'm not around. We haven't been friends for more than a couple months, but we act like we've been best friends for years.

But through all of those relationships, I've never felt the feelings that I do now. We make each other happy, we make each other laugh..

It was just around that time that she realized that I was a senior and I realized that she was a freshman.

She thought that I was a Junior and I thought that she was a Sophomore (because she is mature for her age and I act less mature for my age).

so before I left for a band trip, April and I hung out for a little while.