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You can also introduce a feature where you decide to go, but either your generals are opposed to it, or they will support you.You can still decide to go war, but either you would face rebellion, or they would be supporting you.

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But it did randomly crash durring a custom naval battle, tryed the same battle latter and didnt encounter the same crash.

However, if I start a new campaign with the date, and dont do anything apart from killing the rebels from the beginning, a crash would not happen, even after 20 turns... Maybe the reason for the crashes is in one of the CAI files?

Maybe it is something related to buildings, but I think its the AI "response" to my actions or something.... I also had the idea to improve the marketplace by adding 1 of each common resource to it. Another idea consists of transforming the Iga Kisho Ashigaru troops into regional special units.

Perhaps you could also send messages such as the populace is very happy by your recent victories.

But however, if you are losing many battles, you face constant rebellion, you could create a new page or tab which shows how much influence you have before going to War, and you could be balancing it out.

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    The couple's son and another boy were also in the house. Castro's wife had filed a protection from abuse order three days before the attack, prohibiting Castro from going to the house or possessing a gun.

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