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I tweeted for a few months, and it got to be kind of a burden actually. Although I do have a theory as to why reality shows exist, and I think you might buy into this. And I distinctly remember a bunch of us sitting around going, 'Are they nuts? ' Well, now fast forward ahead, that's all there is on television. '(Laughs) There are a couple of things at work here. There's certain things you control and certain things you can't.

I confess that is the one area of television that I don't quite understand. I'm sure that in the '30s, people like me were sitting around going, 'Oh, what happened to vaudeville? It's not the same.' When there were three networks, the crap was sort of limited numerically, because there were just three networks. I'll flip through the channel guide and look at these shows, and you roll your eyes and say, 'How can there be 200 channels and nothing worth watching at this moment?

So once you start saying, well, we won't apply the rule here, where do you draw the line, and how do you explain to the other people that yeah, there are rules but we didn't really want to enforce them in this case? I try to be polite and I laugh back, but I'm going to start charging them $250 and make some money. Especially in these days of Twitter and whatnot, where people can be anonymous and crude, they'll ask more direct questions than that, which, by the way, I don't answer. I think it would be very hard to work with someone for as long as we worked together and really have a romantic relationship. But it's been perfect for me, and I've talked to her about it, and I think for her too. You know, the thing is, my life's been fine, it's been great.

You have to say what's up there whether there's two letters showing or they're all showing. They'll come to me before a show and say, 'That lady's from the Philippines and these letters are a little challenging for her,' or whatever it is, and be careful. It's very easy, and I understand the impulse of viewers to say, 'Just give it to him.' Well, that's fine, except there are two other players who are supposed to be playing by the rules too. At the time when we went to commercial, he turned to me and said, 'I have no idea what I said.' And it happens. ' And what interests me is that each person who asks it laughs as if it's the cleverest thing they ever heard, and they're sure it's the first time I've ever heard it. Besides which, we've gone through various boyfriends and girlfriends and marriages on each side, and that's kind of kept us on the straight and narrow. But even in a non-tell-all book, where you're just trying to be accurate about your life, it seems to me unfair to bring other people into it who don't necessarily want you to even if it's fairly benign. Michelle Pfeiffer just surprised everyone by saying she was once in a cult.

“It really did help to know that I wasn’t alone.” Related Story: Exclusive: Glen Campbell's Daughter Opens Up About His Fight Against Alzheimer's The star is keeping life fun and simple.