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Hannah Rupp, thrifter and fashion blogger at An Old Story, a secondhand-style blog, says that ideally she sells at consignment stores like Plato’s Closet and Buffalo Exchange as well as independent local sellers before heading online.

Alyssa Opdyke, a junior at Fordham University, recommends Plato’s Closet but warns that the store can be picky. have to be super trendy usually, or they won't even take them,” Alyssa says.

Although Buffalo Exchange can be a bit picky as well, you can make a great sale if you know what the store is looking for.

Plus, Buffalo Exchange donates five cents to a charity of the customer’s choice for every bag refused by the customer, so you can become part of a worthy cause.

Buffalo Exchange takes retro styles, not just the latest fashions like Plato’s Closet does, but they do ask for quality clothing and accessories in great shape.

They also ask that you call your local store ahead of time to see what they’re looking to buy.