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If you can help or have similar sightings/recollections please tell me.

To the right is the earliest evidence of the poem's existence that I have seen.

The best evidence and research (summarised below) indicates that Mary Frye is the author of the earliest version, and that she wrote it in 1932.

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I am especially keen to know of any sightings (especially photographic evidence) of the poem on old gravestones/tombstones.

A number of people have contacted me with their recollections of having seen the poem on very old tombstones (perhaps even dated before 1932, notably and most specifically in Texarkana Texas; and Provincetown, Massachusetts) but despite my best efforts to research this (from the UK) I have as yet been unable to substantiate these sightings.

The text contains a few slight variations compared with the other versions featured in this article.

I am grateful to P Smith for sending it to me and also for helping me with related information (end 2012-early 2013).

The extract right is taken from (page 62) of a memorial service document for the United Spanish War Veterans service held at Portland USA, on 11 September 1938 (the '40th Encampment') published by the US Congress in early 1939.