Ppm adult chat script

I would have them buy "tokens" or something similar. Calculate minutes (rounding up) and subtract from tokens.

3.) I would use a viewer of flash (or Quicktime) for the video 4.) I would use AJAX enabled chat for the chatroom software 5.) I would use a "canned" response system for the "performers" Hope that helps, Chad Harry, The first thing I told you is that there isn't a chat script available on the open market.

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Script is PHP open source, turn-key, out-of-the-box, white label and loaded with great features.

It's designed using latest Flash technology for HD video quality and smooth broadcasting.

If you want you could pay me $7,900 and I would be more than happy to create a chat script for you. Let me know when I can get started and I will be more than happy to send you my paypal address.

Need help with Pay per minute adult video chat script? Do you specialise in Pay per minute adult video chat script?

Most Adult sites are doing well enough to just have it done custom.