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In the mood for fun, students and faculty put a twist on the popular 1960s TV show The Dating Game during Charm School Activities in IAP 1996. Topics include: course mechanics and philosophy; interdisciplinarity of acoustics; centrality of modeling; lump parameters; Maxwell's Equations; experiences with Norbert Wiener; physical acoustics and psychoacoustics.... He first illustrates an experiment about sound deterioration and normal modes, using multiple re-recordings of a piece of music, a human voi...

Bose addresses students during the last class of the Fall 1995 semester.

Berkahwin selama 10 tahun bersama Datuk Red membuatkan isteri pertamanya Datin Red telah masak dengan perangai suaminya itu.

Jika dahulu perkahwinannya dengan penyanyi Adira AF secara senyap-senyap di Tahiland dihentam teruk, kini hangat pula diperkatakan tentang satu video mesra suaminya bersama pelakon Ruhainies.

Topics include: one-dimensional wave equations; vector wave equations; their derivations; creative development processes to reach established results; comments on feature film "Stand and Deliver". The Teaching Excellence Project highlights the extraordinary teaching and learning at MIT, documented by MIT Video Productions (MVP) over several decades.