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Show a legit interest in their work We KNOW it's not as easy as it sounds.Give them free reign what series you two will watch next It's the ultimate sacrifice you can make, but at least you can pick the series after.6. Wear their favourite underwear As in, their favourite of YOUR underwear. Give them a foot rub (unbegrudgingly) It's the ultimate test of your love but it'll go down a storm.15.

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Don't tell them you've 'heard that story before' Give them the satisfaction of telling it, and react as if you've never heard it before. Buy them a tiny gift Even if it's just something silly from the shop on your way home from work. Write notes on their banana Not a euphemism.(pic)17. If you're watching telly, have their head on your lap.18.

Be the bigger person If you're fighting over something stupid, be the one to let it go.19.

Go for a lovely walk Even if it's just a walk round the block - any time holding hands and away from distractions is time well spent.20.

Ask most women and they’ll tell you: although occasionally we love a grand romantic gesture, it’s the small things that our partners do for us day to day that really keep the spark alive in a relationship.

In a quest to find out the secret of everyday romance, I asked women online and in the real, three-dimensional world to name one simple thing their beau did for them regularly that they appreciated. Feel free to nick them next time you need some brownie points: Notes around the house Whether it’s a Post-it stuck to her mirror or a slip of paper secreted in her handbag, we love a love note.