Russian ault dating inside the mind of the boy dating your daughter

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Bear in midn: Not all Russian dating sites are trustworthy.

” Russians consider Western smiles hypocritical, while Western people consider Russians sad, dull and gloomy people, even with evil nature. It is just the difference in culture, mentality and it historical peculiarities of every nation. In Western culture smile is the way to greet strangers and being polite in your communication, as well as ensuring a feeling of security with strange people and in unfamiliar places. If Russians see a smile on any reason they put themselves on a guard.

The thing is that Russian people have special views on the appropriateness of a smile in this or that situation. ” Russian people would usually ask “What to smile at? Foreign people visiting Russia notice that only few Russian people smile.

They are still considered the most unsmiling brides.

Russian women don’t smile at strangers and they don’t answer smile to smile with the same automatism Western people do.

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