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“After taking the pictures, I showed the pictures to her and ask if I could post the images on my social media page.

She agreed and afterwards fans started insulting her.

She called me and was complaining to the extent she threatened to do something to herself.

Her friend also called but I told her she is not my kind of girl because it looks like she has so many dates.

I am not always bothered about negative comments about me because I know they are never true.

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    So if you’re really worried about Trump, you should be voting for Bernie. It’s your daughter and her friends who Hillary’s supposedly having a hard time getting, not you. So she had me a little rocky after Iraq, especially since I asked questions and was punished for it. You know, forget even what was in those transcripts. My principles have been formed for years and years. And then this guy, what a miracle, he shows up, isn’t owned by anybody, always voted against all the deals that have ruined our economy, was right on the war. So now I’m like, wow, this is the guy we’ve been waiting for.

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    Be sure that the area you have problems with is fully immersed and soak for 20 minutes or more.