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Among the potential reasons for the lack of consistency in previous findings is the idea that individual case–control studies lack the power to provide stable estimates of relative risk for less-common occupations and are susceptible to chance findings because of the large number of occupations evaluated. The cancer mortality among Swedish chemists graduated during three decades.

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In particular, occupations involving exposure to pesticides and solvents have been repeatedly associated with NHL.

Other occupational risk factors have been hypothesized; these include infectious agents, sunlight, organic dusts (including flour dust, textile dust, and wood dust), mineral dusts, metals, and ionizing radiation. Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and farming: an expanded case-control study. Persson B, Dahlander AM, Fredriksson M, Brage HN, Ohlson CG, Axelson O.

Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) comprises a group of malignancies that are common in industrialized countries.

Studies of occupational risk factors have proven valuable for generating hypotheses regarding the possible environmental causes of NHL, and over the past four decades, these studies have produced a number of strong leads (Schottenfeld and Fraumeni 2006).

Our aims were Included in our analyses were 10 NHL case–control studies that participate in the Inter Lymph consortium, had collected information on occupation from cases and controls, and were willing to contribute their data to the pooled analysis (see Table 1 for the acronyms used to refer to each study, details about study designs and locations, and citations to general references for each study).