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By 16, we generally know about condoms, STI testing, and how to say "nope, we're not doing that until we've both been tested." Mostly, as with anything that relates to mortality or thinking about the long-term, not every single young person behaves in the same way. Some people use condoms all the time, some as much as they can, and others tend to lapse when they've been drinking or taking drugs.The spokesperson replied that the "videos will be shot in a tasteful way and, should anyone taking part in the filming request that their face isn't featured, then this would be taken into account and so it wouldn't be shown or included in any of the videos." Chance 2 Change cites a Family Planning Association stat that estimates the NHS spends £620 million per year on STI treatment.

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The goal is to show, through the video and other initiatives, that putting condoms on before penetrative sex isn't a total mood killer and obviously helps prevent the spread of STIs.

She put a condom on the banana first, she writes, "just to see how it felt. "Never use a hot dog," another anonymous poster helpfully suggested.

"A girl I KNEW of did that and it broke off inside and had to get it surgically removed." Lovely stuff.

As well as the couple sex videos, the project also hopes to pilot a pair of headphones with a "secret pocket" for concealing condoms and some videos of fully-clothed people talking about how condoms are generally great.

Someone from parenting group Parents Outloud spoke to about how being filmed having sex in the videos could ruin some students' future employability prospects.