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Yet the ABC News poll shows a much different picture.Republican US presidential nominee Donald Trump listens to Democratic US presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during their third and final 2016 presidential campaign debate at UNLV in Las Vegas, Nevada Donald Trump is spending the next two days in Florida to boost his support as polls show him lagging behind Clinton in the state.

"I think we're doing better with women than with men," he said.

That, combined with 10 other recent polls in the New York Times national polling average, shows Clinton ahead with 46.3% and Trump with 40.1%.

In spite of these numbers, Trump said Sunday at a rally in Florida (23 October) that "we're doing well in the polls, but you know, I really think those polls are very inaccurate." The Republican's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway contradicted that claim earlier in the day.

She was also out ahead of Trump in Texas, according to You Gov. But margins become larger when you zoom out to look at the country as a whole.

New numbers from ABC News show Clinton with a 12 point lead over Trump.