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I'd consider myself a pansexual- as long as they're a loving/caring/honest person then something as trivial as gender or age shouldn't be a reason to disregard …I am a London woman of 28 years old, well Watford but we're on the tube map so it counts.I work within Central London and have all of the time in the world for those with their heart in the right place. I have the normal account so I can't message,k,, which is tiananmen bell and I have long brown hair in the photo! Or my insta is tiananmenbell I am new around London and I found myself on this site somehow, not sure really. I enjoy: squash (the sport, the veg ain't bad either), music, cooking, walking, cars, trying new things.

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I work for a media agency, but my real passion lays in comedy. I am passionate and focused when it comes to pursuing my creative career, but when I am not working I am very spontaneous and extremely laid back.

Iregularly take part in different improv comedy nights, most rock but some have had me running for the hills or the nearest tube station. I am up for being involved with anything and everything.

I'm a fan of many things especially laughing, dancing and performing improv comedy.

I do a pretty good impression of Louis from family guy and gollum, the gollum impression isn't the best for seduction but it does tend to amuse people.

I don’t mean in an extreme sports kind of a way, I am a wimp, I …