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Frein is accused of ambushing state troopers in 2014 at their Blooming Grove Barracks in Pike County.Frein seriously injured trooper Alex Douglas and took the life of Corporal Bryon Dickson.

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Every student tells us they won't drink and drive or use a cellphone while operating a vehicle.

Frein Jury Selection Date Set Tuesday October 25th 2016Earlier this year State Supreme Court officials decided to choose a jury from outside of Pike County to offer accused cop killer Eric Frein a fairer trial.

Brooke Todd Sophomore says, "I have an exam today actually that I was supposed to have Friday and I have no clue what to study because we missed classes for review sessions so now I'm kind of going into it blindly." Union officials say in the future they're planning on reaching agreements with state officials before their contracts expire so this won't happen again.

Officials will be releasing details of the new contract in a future statement.

Students at Pocono Mountain East High School not only heard the message today, they experienced what it feels like to lose control of a vehicle. They got behind the wheel and the car showed them firsthand the impact of impaired and distracted driving.