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Education and Prevention La Casa provides community education and prevention activities to raise public awareness about domestic violence issues and about domestic violence services.Services are offered in the schools, churches, professional, and community groups.Parenting Specialized parenting education is offered to parents who are or have been involved in domestic violence relationships.

Education is based on addressing the underlying issues that result in rape and sexual violence and may include some of the following topics: See the Prevention / Outreach section for more details About Sexual Violence, Male Awareness, Facts and Statistics, Bystander Intervention Strategies and La Piñon TV.

The Prevention Program at La Piñon provides outreach which seeks to increase awareness and knowledge, as well as to change attitudes and behaviors that promote sexual violence.

One of the main goals of the program is to create change that will prevent sexual violence.

Participants can be either self-referred or court mandated.

This program provides participants with information and practical tools to change those values, beliefs, and behaviors which support the use of physical, verbal, emotional, or sexual abuse. Transitional Housing This program provides up to 24 months of rental assistance, case management, and support services to victims of domestic violence and their children who are transitioning out of our residential program into an independent setting.