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Additionally, victim or survivors of sexual assault are also often blamed for what has happened to them.

Because of this, and other factors, people who have been sexually assaulted report less often and do not get the help they need at a time when they need it most.

Sexual violence violates a person’s trust, autonomy and feeling of safety.

There are many thoughts about why people think others lie about being sexually assaulted: the victim or survivor wants revenge, woke up the next morning and regretted having sex, etc. Additionally, the general public does not want to believe that others they know and respect are capable of committing sexual assault.

The FBI collects data on all crimes and has found that people falsely report being sexually assaulted at the same rate as other comparable crimes: 3 percent of the time.

People are afraid to admit that they HAVE BEEN sexually assaulted because of the fear and pain that is associated with their lived experience.

Often we think of people who rape as a specific person who looks, acts and lives a certain way.

Sexual assault occurs at rates much higher than what is actually reported.