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She knows today many couple will choose to say “I do.”“We were all waiting,” she said.“I have been with my current girlfriend going on three years, and we all had money on if it would come before Cleveland Pride. ”Tracey Robinson, 23, of Lorain, said she imagines there will not be a shortage of ministers to officiate gay ceremonies.

When asked if he would perform a gay wedding, Mindling did not flat out say no.“If a gay couple asked me to marry them, I would want to know why they want me to marry them,” he said.

That is what we want to do.”Mindling said the church has never taken cues from popular opinion or government decree, but looked to the Bible for guidance, and “the Bible defines a marriage as one man and one woman, and I don’t think the Supreme Court can redefine that,” he said.

This now gives (today) whole new meaning.”Maybe Robinson and her girlfriend, Ashley Anderson, 24, plan to wed during the annual celebration highlighted by a parade, rally and festival.“Why not?

That was necessary, Walther said, not only to accommodate gay couples seeking marriage licenses, but because June and July are typically the busiest time of the year for marriage applications. They clicked immediately.“I saw her and I said, ‘that’s the girl I’m going to marry,’ ” C. Kelly Brill.“What we have had for 28 years — love and commitment — is a marriage,” C. He had meeting after meeting and didn’t hear of the ruling until receiving a text early in the afternoon.

They handed over their driver’s licenses, filled out paperwork and paid the fee — $57, cash only. He also said he hired an additional clerk and opened a new workstation to process additional marriage license applications. was studying sports medicine, and Teri Ann was majoring in education. Teri Ann was right there from the beginning.“Oh, God, it was forever for me right from the start. They exchanged vows for the first time soon after — a pledge to be together forever, to be committed to one another and to build a life together. They bought a three-bedroom house about 12 blocks from Lake Erie in 1999. They had their commitment ceremony in Avon Lake United Church of Christ, officiated by senior minister the Rev. “But to now have it legal and have it recognized as a marriage is so important.”Friday was a heavy work day for Pastor Jim Mindling of Church of the Open Door.