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Based in Paris, Vanessa is also available for French conversation tours of Paris neighborhoods, or theme walks such as chocolate and pastry or Paris fashion. In 2009, Camille and Olivier (and their daughter Leyla) moved back to France, where they carried on private lessons over the phone, and they develop French audiobooks to teach the modern French language.Through her teaching career, Camille has developed the ability to speak very simply, so she is able to entice even beginners into having a conversations in French.

He is an accomplished cook, a photographer, a TV/Movie buff and has had multiple careers in the media and tech industry so he has a wealth of experiences to talk about.

Although she doesn’t consider herself a grammar expert, Camille has found a way to “demystify” French grammar for English speakers.

She then took all the experience she gained with her students and poured it into her audiobooks.

If you are a returning student, or a movie star (LOL), please contact Camille to see if she could fit you in. For the more advanced students looking to perfect their conversation skills in French, Olivier will converse with you about pretty much any subject.

Native French speaker who lived on 3 continents, Olivier also speaks English, Spanish and Greek and he is a “natural” when it comes to engaging people in conversation, correcting their mistakes and challenging them with new vocabulary and expressions.