One stormy night, after a week of not catching fish, Jacamo becomes desperate. After many hours of struggling against the sea, Jacamo suddenly notices he has caught something.Pulling the net in, he finds a single large squid, “Purpo”.While comatose on the deck, Jacamo has mystifying dreams of the sea. Jacamo states his intentions to the baker; seeking permission to court the daughter with the intention of marriage.

Purpo knows the sea intimately and thrives within its’ depths.

Though friendly and well-liked by the villagers, Jacamo is reserved and serious.

Despite a loyal customer base, Jacamo is plagued with a faltering fishing business.

With tears in his eyes and wrought with desperation and sadness, Jacamo lifts the single squid from the net, raising it to the heavens in a plea to the gods, “Why? While engaged in battle, Jacamo and Purpo are suddenly struck by lightning and fall to the deck, unconscious. Moving his boat to another location yields another massive catch.

Fused together by the strike, Purpo lays motionless atop Jacamo. Jacamo awakes with the sun beating down on him and the squid now a dried out mass of flesh. Determined to continue on, Jacamo repairs his net and navigates his boat to a new location where he believes there are fish. With his boat filled to capacity he makes for port. He changes his clothes, pays his bills, and goes to meet the baker.