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Likewise, in the middle of the serve the slave should not again ask to approach when bringing the desired 'what not,' as the Free Person has already, obviously, directed the slave to serve and the slave should not be seen as questioning that directive.

It is appropriate to use the prostrate or obeisance position when entering.

With the internet and its occassional 'bumping' or 'disconnecting,' you may return without begging entrance if you were 'peered' or 'disconnected' IF you log back in before 10 minutes from the time of disconnection is up.

Upon being granted entrance, it is appropriate to greet first the Masters then the Mistresses in the Channel. **Likewise, it is also appropriate to wait for a slave to be granted entrance before greeting them** If you know how to serve, offer to serve.

When in doubt of the gender of the Free Person, it is best to perform a /whois, or .who, and if you still cannot tell, then you should address the Free Person as Master and beg forgiveness if it turns out to be a Mistress.