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To marry a person, you will need to meet several requirements: be at a red flower friendship level, see the person's four flower events, upgrade your house size, and then give him or her the Blue Feather.The available marriage candidates will typically have colored flowers on their character portraits when you talk to them.While you can change the appearance characteristics of your playable character, you can't change its gender after you have selected it when beginning the game.

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These colors will indicate your friendship level with the individual.

Licorice and Kamil are the only marriage candidates that do not have friendship flowers, as they are meant to be more challenging.

One of the optional things you can do in this game is get married.

Marriage does not affect the game's storyline or unlock any special blueprints or animals, but it does allow you to have someone to send out foraging for items.

The two of you can also produce children after you've wed.