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She wears a blue dress that resembles a stewardess' outfit with five black-lined circles outside small yellow circles, blue gloves, a blue attendant-like hat, black leggings and blue, knee-length boots.

Elizabeth also is said to be very beautiful, as Labrys describes Elizabeth's appearance as "perfect" when she first encounters her. In Persona Q: Shadows of Labyrinth, while in charge of the infirmary, she adopts a pink and white version of her normal outfit with an old fashioned nurse's cap.

Despite that, her love for the Protagonist shows once again when she resigns from her position as an attendant and pursues the Protagonist, who had become the Great Seal, in order to save and free him.

Also this week, two Milwaukee-area design firms recently merged and plan to grow.

In Port Washington, negotiations are in the early stages for a development on 44 acres the city owns between the Lake Michigan bluff and Lake Shore Road.

The land stretches north and south of the intersection of Sunset and Lake Shore roads.

It is south of land where an Illinois developer plans a new high-end subdivision and winery.

Ansay & Associates, an insurance and benefits adviser based in Port Washington, plans to build a two-story corporate office there.