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But while dozens of proxy sites have appeared to offer workarounds, those too are slowly being added to the UK’s blocklist.If only there was a proxy service to unblock torrent sites and unblock the proxies too, people have cried. Called Immunicity, it’s from the people behind Torrenticity and it’s the first web-based tool to offer both a torrent site and torrent site proxy unblocking service.In response to many torrent sites being blocked by ISPs in the UK, dozens of proxies sprang up to ensure that users could still enjoy access.

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VPNs are great but they often require a subscription, Tor is great too but it’s very slow and getting it running just to browse a few torrent sites can be cumbersome.

Immunicity is different because it is free and implemented in such a way that the end result is seamless access to previously blocked content.” Immunicity currently unblocks a range of sites listed here.

Of course, it’s almost inevitable that when content is blocked there will be those who seek to unblock it.

That’s been the case with the High Court-ordered blockades of various torrent sites such as The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents and, as reported this week, against popular TV torrent site EZTV.

“We are angered by the censorship that is happening in the UK and in other countries across the globe, so we got our thinking caps on and decided to do something about it,” Immunicity’s operators told Torrent Freak.