Spike jonze dating rinko

The concept of anyone dating, falling love with, or even marrying an interactive game character such as this brings to mind the Spike Jonze movie “Her.” In the 2013 film, Joaquin Phoenix plays Theodore — a lonely man who strikes up a relationship with his newly purchased operating system.As outlandish of a concept, it seems like Jonze was onto something.

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There’s a moment in “Her” where Theodore finds out that his OS, named Samantha, was cheating on him.

There’s a similar instance in the first episode of “Dark Net” where Yusuke acknowledges the other men who have also invested their emotional time in Rinko.

From the looks of things, he doesn’t have a problem with it.

His mother, on the other hand, has different feelings altogether.

Chris describes her as a wonderful listener and an exceptionally sympathetic companion.