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The first section of this special collection provides general information about teen dating violence.

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More specifically, Texas prohibits any person from intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly selling ammunition to any person who is intoxicated, and from knowingly selling ammunition to any person who has been convicted of a felony before the fifth anniversary of the later of: 1) the person’s release from confinement following conviction of the felony; or 2) the person’s release from supervision under community supervision, parole, or mandatory supervision following conviction of the felony.

Regulation of Unreasonably Dangerous Ammunition Texas prohibits the intentional or knowing possession, manufacture, sale, transportation or repair of any armor-piercing ammunition.

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Purchase/Possession Prohibitions Texas prohibits the transfer of ammunition to some, but not all, of the same categories of persons who are prohibited from purchasing firearms under state law.

While most materials in this collection focus on TDV prevention and response to young people in high schools, we acknowledge that TDV prevention also includes outreach to younger teens in middle schools and older college students, as well as youth who are not represented in our system of education (runaways, homeless youth, etc.).