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He may feel threatened and is pulling away to be sure there can be no relationship. So the next person you meet, won’t trip over your baggage. Especially those hanging onto a girl as a ‘friend’ just to take advantage at a later date – although if a girl falls for this, more fool her I guess. They, too, play the “friends” card, hoping to get off easy with less guilt.

Despite this, I decided to keep him as a friend because as he said, we do have a lot in common and enjoy talking to each other. Yes, in the moment he said “Let’s be friends,” he probably didn’t want to feel like he was the bad guy. Don’t text or otherwise contact him any more, go lick your wounds someplace for a little bit and then get back out there.

I also agreed to help him with something recently which he seemed happy about. If you do bump into him, all you owe is cordiality and politeness.

Ok, so all going well one minute but now he is completely ignoring my text messages – nothing suggestive just basic ‘how are things going’ type messages. Am I right in thinking that the ‘friends’ card was played here just to make him feel less guilty and that he never intended to be my friend at all and this is his way of telling me to get lost? @Pretty_Lilly @hy5nmc I doubt he was leaving it open for a booty call (especially since you didn’t sleep with him before)...

The only reason I’ve ever wanted to remain friends with an ex is so we can remain cordial if we run into each other, or just to have another friend if you ever needed a favor that that person specifically could help out with (ex.