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Original story: It's amazing that Team Fortress 2 is still going so strong.At the time of writing there are 60,000 people plugging away inside the class-based shooter. update to Meet Your Match's competitive mode arrival will see you pick one of the two classes to represent.

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Decorated quality is an item quality assigned to weapons with a special grade factor, exterior wear, and possible Strange counter and/or Unusual effect. Decorated weapons are cosmetic "skins" with 6 levels of rarity referred to as Grades and a separate ranking of exterior wear referred to as "Wear." The only methods to obtain a Decorated item is through contract completion and unboxing specific weapon cases.

Strange variants add a Stat Clock to the side of the weapon that tracks kills, and Civilian Grade weapons can also have a Stat Clock applied to them using a Civilian Grade Stat Clock.

As usual, the update has been accompanied by a comic about why exactly Heavy and Pyro are running opposite each other in an electoral campaign.

With the world so divided over so many political votes already this year, there's some worry within PCGN that this could finally be the breaking point and plunge us into total anarchy.

Leaving a match early will count as a loss and you will face time penalties for joining another match, getting more severe as you keep quitting - you can face bans of up to a month long. Though Team Fortress 2 itself is free, Competitive Mode won't be.