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Teaming up with Cody Rhodes and later on Randy Orton, Legacy went on to win the World Tag Team Championship twice while beating the likes of D-Generation X (Triple H and Shawn Michaels) on a few occasions.Competing solo at times, Di Biase held a singles win over Mark Henry while also competing in the Elimination Chamber match at the Elimination Chamber Pay Per View, where he eliminated Randy Orton before getting the boot himself by Kofi Kingston.To make matter worse, Di Biase was named the pro of Brodus Clay in season four of NXT but was later replaced by Alberto Del Rio at the choice of Clay.

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posted a video on his personal You Tube account to make the announcement that he will not be re-signing with World Wrestling Entertainment. states that he is thinking of what is right for his future and his family and then goes on to discuss how grateful he is for all the experiences he shared, places he visited and organizations he was a part of during his tenure with the WWE.

It comes as no surprise to many for one very specific reason — he was not used. Dating back to 2008-09, that was the pinnacle of his run with the WWE: Legacy.

He went on a nice winning streak but was competing against the likes of Heath Slater, Derrick Bateman and Jinder Mahal.

After a short stint, Di Biase kicked Virgil out the door in favor for his on-screen girlfriend, Maryse.

After having his belt stolen by Goldust, Di Biase moved on to the Unite States Championship but was unsuccessful in dethroning then champion Daniel Bryan.