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Although plot technically revolves around sex because of the need to acquire male Y chromosomes, the actuality is far less salacious.

Rosetta isn't just creating the perfect woman, she's creating three.

She has downloaded her DNA into the Self Replicating Automatons.

Director of photography, Hiro Narita ; editor, Lisa Fruchtman ; music, Klaus Badelt ; costume designers, Marianna Aström Defina and Yohji Yamamoto ; production designer, Chris Farmer ; co-producers, Paul Barnett, Peter Buchanan, John Nazemlan ; art director, Michael Goldman ; set decorator, Kris Boxell ; executive producer, Amy Sommer.a presentation of Blue Turtle, Epiphany Entertainment, Hotwire Productions in association with ZDF ; a film by Lynn Hershman Leeson ; producers, Youssef Vahabzadeh, John Bradford King, Oscar Gubernati ; writer, producer and director, Lynn Hershman Leeson.

is likely to appeal to those who enjoy cerebral science fiction.