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The book is full of case studies; one of the most prominent is on the interpretation of the whale in Jonah from its Hebrew ancestry up through the reformation and beyond.The author shows how Jewish conceptions of the whale, influenced its Greek translation and subsequently all the early church to see the whale as symbolic of hell.

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These presuppositions can be helpful as a scaffolding for our understanding but they are not the total building in which we will live.

Knowledge is a step toward wisdom, but only a step. We can add to this learning but we have not completed the summation of all that we can know.

David Parris teaches classes in New Testament and biblical interpretation and is the Associate Director of Fuller Theological Seminary's regional campus in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

He is the author of four books including Reading the Bible with Giants and Reception Theory and Biblical Hermeneutics Dr.

So rejoice in your new knowledge but know learning never ends, even after two thousand years.