The importance of updating group rosters

It can also help quickly review, by user, who answered what on a given question.We are particularly excited about these updates because they are direct results of client requests.They also impact three of our most widely used modules: Browse form submissions by question responses Often times, who submitted a form is not the most identifying piece of information you may need when browsing submissions on the dashboard.

We want to make sure you are aware that you can update your roster for the 2015-2016 academic year shortly after new officers are assigned during elections.

So, the sooner registration is successfully submitted, the sooner your group can request events.

I was using JDBCGroup Provider with openfire 3.7.1 to pick groups from database and fill rosters using them by marking them as shared-roster-group in of Group Prop table. Last week I upgraded the server to openfire 3.8, after which contacts from shared roster groups stopped being sent to the clients.

You may want to, instead, browse by a response to a question on the form.

This can help you to quickly browse for submissions with particular answers.