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Girls are relatively easy to meet and down to earth. They "size you up" through conversation, on the spot, not the other way around. In Denmark, serial monogomy combined with casual attitudes about sex, seem to be the major practices from the early teens on, so it's quite easy to meet quite a few people in a romantic - intimate context.

I had to learn new conversation skills: how to take an interest in the people I was talking to; how not to brag about myself, and how to keep the conversation focused on important things, not just work. It was quite a shock for her, particularly the freedom teens have and their casual attitude towards sex. Inter-cultural relationships are hard to manage, because each person comes at it with a different cultural perspective about the functions that romantic relationships should perform and how two people fit into the right roles to do this.

Guessing that there are lotsa folk out here who are not looking to partner, or who have been there and done that, and mostly want to explore what else life offers.

Their children will actually start being educated socially from an early age. I could write a book about how to treat Danish women. Take it a day at a time and look for the little surprises.

Good move, briefly shifting the focus away from families.