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It’s been about a month since Princess Beatrice and boyfriend of 10 years announced that they were taking a break. When Prince William broke it off with Kate Middleton the future King went chasing after Isabella Calthorpe.

Does this seem familiar, haven’t we seen this before?

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Is Dave Clark eventually going to come crawling back to Princess Beatrice and beg the princess to take him back?

We’re not certain who Beatrice’s handsome new boyfriend is at this time, but if he is out and about with Princess Beatrice, we’re bound to find out soon enough.

Princess Beatrice was with a handsome mystery man who had his arm around her. The British businessman seems to have taken a shine to former President George W. It wasn’t too long ago that Jenna Bush tried to fix Prince Harry up with her twin sister Barbara.

After just seven weeks the second-in-line to the throne sulked off and begged Kate Middleton to take him back.

Who was that mystery man with Princess Beatrice at the U. Isabella had no desire to hook up with William and spurned his advances.