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The insider feels as though Chyna is "preying" on Rob "during a weak time" as he continues to work on his health following his diabetes diagnosis.There is also concern that, given Chyna's previous relationship with Tyga, she is only using Rob to get back at Kylie.

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He totally had his arm around her throughout the show!

Overall, it certainly doesn’t seem like T is settling into anything serious after two years with Kylie, and since they’ve broken up and gotten back together so many times, we would on May 13.

Though Rob has been reclusive over the last several years, he and Chyna have remained friends, which is how their new relationship sparked.

"She and Rob have known each other for a while," a source told us.

"And she had been staying in touch."News of their relationship first began circulating after Chyna took to Instagram to share a photo while cuddling Rob.