Updating jailbroken phone

More to the point, most i OS software updates modify your hardware’s baseband version, which means if you’re dependent on your jailbreak for an unlock, you will lose your unlock when you finally do upgrade.

This means that i Phones, i Pads and i Pod touch units running i OS 7.1 cannot be jailbroken.

Do not install i OS 7.1 if your i OS device is jailbroken, unless you want to return to stock (unmodified, not jailbroken) i OS and prevent the possibility of jailbreaking this device in the future.

At the time of writing, that’s 7.1.2 and it’s already been jailbroken – but that doesn’t mean you can simply upgrade using the option in .

For most, that option simply won’t work and others have reported experiencing battery life problems and activation issues when updating on top of a jailbreak.

Important: For this reason, you shouldn’t upgrade the software on your phone or restoring to stock if you depend on your jailbreak for an unlock.