Updating ubuntu 8 04 to 8 1

This filters specific packages from being considered when installing updates.

For example, you may wish to avoid automatically installing any updates for My SQL server to prevent it from being automatically restarted. This specifies the e-mail address that automatically reboot the system if a reboot is required to complete the update (kernel updates, for instance).

If properly configured, automatic updates can mitigate risk and keep any service interruptions to a minimum.

Here are some configuration highlights: Depending on whether your distro is Debian or Ubuntu, the method of filtering origins may differ.

On Debian, the section is will consult when installing updates. If you’d like to add other updates, uncomment or add the appropriate origins.

If a server is particularly sensitive, I will only setup notification of security updates, so that I can control the what and when of any update installation. By default, it will simply install updates tagged as ‘security’, but will not automatically reboot the system if any updates require a reboot.

The typical configuration file, located at , is well documented and can be edited to suit your needs.

Even kernel security updates are fairly common, with two security patches being released for the kernel used by Ubuntu 12.04 LTS in June.