Updating ubuntu from dual boot windows 7

There are now two different ways for you to install Ubuntu — a simple, automated manner that takes care of everything for you, or a manual process that gives you more control. The installer has come so far now that there’s very little that you actually have to do by yourself.

Once the media finishes loading, it’ll ask you whether you’d like to try or install Ubuntu.

Choose your language from the left and click on ” which will make all the necessary changes on your computer to make room for Ubuntu and install it properly on your system, no matter if it will install operating systems in the legacy BIOS mode or the new EFI mode.

, and you have no feasible path to downgrade, it may be a good idea to dual boot with Linux to have an alternative operating system you can use.

For most people, using Ubuntu is an excellent choice because of its popularity, software selection, hardware support, and ease of use.