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validating cyber security requirements a case study-18

The purpose for the web application forensics project was to gather all the available evidence, correlate the available activity logs, analyze the impacted application, operating system, and database, and then determine if any personally identifiable information was compromised.

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The project required thorough understanding of FISMA and federal and NIST requirements such as NIST Special Publications 800 series (800-30, 800-34, and 800-53), FIPS 199, and FIPS 200.

Based on the NIST 800-53, the KLC IV&V Team worked with the CIOs staff to gather the risk rating for each in-scope system using the client's confidentiality and risk rating standards. provisions of integrated service, configuration and performance management for SMAs on the IASE Portal on NIPRNET and SIPRNET, DKO and DKO-S to improve and maintain operational capabilities, and reduce the risk of service delivery failure.

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