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Dog tries to be a mack but his aggressive, tongue wagging approach and his affection for biting can be a little off putting.Lastly there’s Beaver who struggles with the ladies and is constantly derided by Dog about his sexuality. Despite the myriad of characters that walk in and out of the movie, it’s not hard to keep up and they all provide some type of comedic levity, with the exception of the break/tap dancing kitchen staff. Either way as the plot thickens the men find love in (predictably) unexpected places and Too Cool deals with his issues of love, trust and abandonment associated with his mother (Holly Robinson Peete.) Yeah, it gets a little heavy at times.

So much so, that he has a “coming out” party to determine if he really is gay. Overall the film is the slapstick comedy we all need every once in a while.

It’s corny but it’s consistently corny peppered with moments of unrealistic action that will have you wanting to rewind to see if that really did just happen. It could easily become that one movie you consistently have to justify owning. The most surprising and refreshing part of the movie came during the special features.

Whether it is a pre-Broadway production, post-Broadway tour or a one night only concert – this city has many wonderful options to choose from.

Dog and Beaver are struggling to keep their night club open and decide to start hosting speed dating events to get the club popping once more.

From jump we know that Too Cool is the mack of the film, taking women home every night. After a few hours of Hot time the women descend his spiraling staircase as they view the words “walk of shame” plastered on the wall.