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mmmmmmmmmmm ^^w^ I w^m Mwm w p SERIAL3 ; LIBPARY VA 23119 ^i. The winning article was on display in Williamsburg, and now moves into national competition. Hair Bazaar ex- perts will donate their time to cut, blow-style and/or irw set your hair for $7. GORDON URSUL Sun Editor nicf itimate births are a continuing migraine and something that just won't go away from Virginia Beach. mfhe SUN is FUH to read M [HRRl HTfil S , DIMIYIOIi G TERM^ ALL VEHICLES ARE 1976 RENTA-CAR FREE so MILES PRO DAY 300 MILES PER WEEK - 7 OATS Wrr R ALL CARS EXCEPT VANS. S0 PER WEEK - 7 DAYS .0« Pli» MILE OVER FREE MILES MAVERICK SI4.00 PER DAV-ITfl. Mmiy sculptur M There arethrettxtraon Unartlyarresting sculptures by Herbert Smith IV, vndefrom iron nails - an eagle, a gull, and a Chinese junk. Several steps have been taken and others rantemplated to avoid re- currence of such financing costs, but since money rates are mainly a re- sult of national money markets, it is not entirely under control of any one company or industry. to Co Uey Ave-tum »}uth o M block to Smtbampton Ave. 1976 - A-S Oceana to hllst symposium at close of July at Beach Nav^l Air Station Oceana will host the SJith Anmial Aviation Boatswain's Mate Association Symposium July 29, 30 and 31. Can't our City Fathers do something about this before it is too late. Callahan, Virginia Beach Your help sought To the Editor: I have a petition to force the House of Deleptes to release the parimutual racing bills, and the b Ql to re- move alf tax from food and prescription drugs to the voters 6f Virginia. MAKE y OUR HOMEMOI^ LIVABI£ WITH A HELR "Help" is the silent plea of the problem drinker. At the Alcohol- ism Rehabilitation Center of Tidewater, help Is offered through treatment in a total therapeutic environment. mc you'P€ invited to see- the latest, the greatest Shasta value -ever Nii H (III (Ii! Its continuing round of 09- plauae from onloc Aers and users Is being heard h)ud- est fnnn the east coast where conventional meth- ods of angling for Uues and sti4)ers are taking a back seat to this new technkine.

"A Home Knows Another Time" was an in-depth story that detailed the Princess Anne County Daughters of the American Revolution Chapter's marking of the Woodhouse Plantation. The award brought recognition to THE SUN, to our chapiter, and to Virginia Beach," said Mrs. "Your Iwauti- fui account won as Best Feature Story at the 1976 DAR state conference held in Williamsburg." Ursul's article actually was a two- part effort that dealt with the restor- ation of historic homes at the Beach, and came complete with a number of photographs. It's all in preparation for the Cut-a-Thon, sdteduled April 14 and 15 from noon to 9 at the Pembroke Mall location. Discussing the events and ideas which shape your life, "The WORLD TOMORfl OW" pre- sents a dynamic insight you'll find nowhere else: 'The WORLD f OMORROW" Listen today Garner Ted Armstrang WGPK PHOTOGRAPHER^S seam- less backgrounds. Greg, a ninth-grader, also finds time to deliver ihe Sun. Whitechalrsandtables, white hanging baskets of greenery, and big pots of geraniums furnish it; sons^ ovn* the water glorifies it. This beautl M handcast, meta Ulc finished zodtoc plaque makes a timely memento for any occasion. For a Umited time, only $3.98 or $7.00 a pair Guaranteed immedtotede- Uveiv. (indkte si«nor birthdate) t S-Gatago FORMAL and Casual long dresses. Joining the college ' faculty were: Hutaaofties and Social Scimce Di Tision-George W. Last year the company issued $1 million in bonds at 11 3/4, percent and privately sold $1 million preferred stock to an insur- ance company at 12, per cent financing costs which were not uncommon in that year. There were 20 women in attendance, fecial guests were Mrs. I i mmmm^mmmmmmmmm qpppumipp^l^ipmii^^iijyiiliui jupi iu i p 1 1 1 I •^^^^^1- «J m p.l»l * JPBWH^pi Virginia Beach Sun, April 28. Courthouse John Bawii Pungo ,, Blackwater •Kempsville 30. There are areas other than Lynnhaven already zoned for shotting centers that could accommodate the planned shopping center and not disturb the acres originally planned for an industrial park. MAPLE finished desk, 4- drawer chest and 3-draw- er dresser with mirror. Papa Gino's caters to large groups for special occasions such as birthdays, school, and office parties. J«J,,.^^ wammnrnwrnna Fmuaumo M OUTDOORS 'Rough Rhter' BHc Ing The Ultimato in Bike Touring PAGE 9 ^Expert Advice on Camping PAGE 2 ARCHERY: Bow Hunting Magic Pdi Qe 9 ' New Fishing Techniques PAGE 3 Trophy Flshjng PAGE A Supplement to: Virginia Beach Sun, Safe and Sound Boating PAGES Radios and the Camper PAGE 1 1 Tidewater Life A Gufcid to happy, energy saving vaeatlons anc Aklelsure time fun Pig* 2 - April M. "Downrlgger" fishing pltmeered in the Salnuxi waters of the west coast and ipoie recently in Lake Michigan after, the intro- duction of the Coibo.

"And it didn't matter to them if the kids were bom out ofwedlock. Hottel, USN Re- tired, of Virginia Beach, who w»s unable to attend. Principe, and Jmior DAR Members who served as pages, Mrs. If skateboarding or flying kites are your beg, best get there early to get in on the fun "We're figuring onacoupleof thou- sand showing iq," said Lou Soscia, president of Virginia Beach Mid-City Kiwa Us, a co-sponsor of t Us event along with . Registra Uon will kick the day o« at 9 and skateboarders will compete in three age divisions and two cate- gories (speed and slalom) from 10 to 4. The kite contest will be from 3 to , with awards ceremcmies fbr everything slated for 4. The course will be taught by Joanna Graziano and Sandy Mc Dow starting April 8^7 p.m. A buffet lunch and re- freshments will be served free of charge to tourna- ment participants. The entry fee for three games including bowling shoes, will be $2. Send all entries to Wil- liam Scott, President IC- HI Clubs, Inc., 3125 Chesa- .peake Blvd., Norfolk, 23509. THE AREA'S ^ WLY COMPLETE ONE * * Mary Ann Thompson Mary Ann Thompson is our pretty cheerleader of the week. "Our whole infield plays together in the summer on the same American Legion team. The special pieces for weddings are exquisite designs of pastel flowers and ribbon streamers. Two marvelous balconies give this fourteenth floor apartment sweeping views of the sea, sky, green tree-tops and the city. The Joseph Banks' imposing ocean-side gray-granite English Tudor home features inherited antiques and furni- ture from travels to the Orient, Middle East, and Africa. 63 - Loto tor Sale LITTLE NECK -Lynn- wood, 1 acre, treed, bea- utiful building site, water access rights to owner. Jack 364 meets weekly welcomes all area boys interested in scouting. Editor: ■■ r 'hlu-t^u Pi SUi Business Manager: 'jy ELLEP Circulation Manager: j't JIBf^'^WN Bjtilisht'd Pvtry Wfdnciday by Byorly Publications with mam office located dt 138 Rosomont Rd., Virginia Beach, Va 23452 Second class postage paid at Lynnfiaven Station in Virginia Beach.- 52 wook subscription by mail: S7. Also Includ- ed( in the cast are Arny- ce'- Amyce 'Anders, Josh Barry, Hugh Copeland, Molly King, Clay Thomp- son, Bemie Melton and Sy- lvia Neff . " will run nightly, Wednesday through Sunday for about a five week run. for the Good life GET OUTDOORS TTie TOTiax 2«'-De8lgiied wtth the Fisherman in ml Bd-"theall Fiberglass Coclc- pit Is so arranged th^ It is a wide-c^en self bafflng area- -giving y(m the need- ed room to wort the big ones. Mwcniisw Special Price $6,990^® SPECIAL SEACRAFT "Blewater Fishing Machine" Demo Model on Sale at a Extra Large Discount Price Boats Available For Immediate Delivery 20'Seacraft 24'Seabird 25'Luhrs Also a good 23'Seacraft 28'Seabird 28'Luhrs Selectbnof 24" Chapparrel 28' Topaz 32' Luhrs used Boats I Dominion Yaclit Sales Sales-Service Brokerage-Bank Financing, up to 10 years At The White Heron Marina -,-,/^/^ 425-7700 128B Laskin M. Beach 425-7700 i » J j i ^"j -* J ' -f -■ \'*'*.'4,'4.'K't.''.'*' *■*.'*■'■'* * * ' '* *■'' d Page^- April 28/1976 A different look at an old fishing term Even though to a lot of anglers the lakes Uieyle regularly flsl Ung are tired, old worn-out Uilngs absent of brush and look like fried eggs turned upside down, there's still a heap of catching ahead in the years to come providing anglers are willing jto change methods to stay even with changing lakes and conditions. A nrelhane innulalrd picnic ju« by Thermo*, for example, will keep a drownind person a Btml.

It on and does raiitkciretfirc Uv M." to a cif Hie, tke Bench's 254i Ueg- i Umate births In IVH included 122 "w Mc." Elf M per cent of all k Us bom here were without parents, high- lighted by "non-white" percentages of a whc^ing 30.3. It means that some are sexually playing w Iki shouldn't. Mitch- ell, also Cbai^er Regent, will serve as pages at the 85th Ccmtinental Con- gress to be held Apr U 19-23 at Con- stitution Ha U in Washington, DC. Among the heavyweights will be Tidewater's own Bot^y Jordan, last year's winner this year of the North Carolina AAU Heavy- weight crown and winner last month of the Was Ung- ton, D. Golden Gloves Heavyweight Division, and scored one of the United States team victories over thf Russian Heavyweight Division team at Madison Square Garden several months ago, will renew his personal war against Den Spellman of Ri Amond, last years State runner-iip. From the hall the tour (Sm BEACH, P«g«A2) Rally set Suifday Fiwr City ans is spmsorii^ a road rally Sunday, o Bicia Uy a "glmmick/pakar" ra Uy. When Council cut taxes by 10 cents last year, citizens complained that any advantage was cotnteracted by the increase in assessments, so that thus actually paid more taxes. Curtis Payne had suggested the 10 cents tax break which was discussed at the informal meet- ing of Council Monday. ^ From the moment one enters tbe long driveway past the tennis courts the tome reflects an active family interested in athletics and distinctive hobbies. The Uviog room is done in yellows, greens, apricot and peach shades. The Cubs created table lecorations and place cards in keeping with the theme. Cub Den 4 - Tim Cherry was awarded one gold ar- row and one silver arrow point. eoir^Mig fwrouily Mmb an American Cancer Society vetariow ea Us. Includes large, well conttnicted table with marr - pr*e»j heat-proof walnut top and two leaves. $95 or best of- fer, call 486-0426 even- ings or weekends. TUs technique is a natural ttxc the new striper fishery getting started all across the country. And many aioglers fldi- ing older impoundments are having difficulties find- bog fish, niey are because many fishermen, particu- larly bass fldiermen, fish the same areas the sune Oianging rour Myh and fishing liabils to slay even with dungings lakes and conditions can pay off iiig with catches like this. But so is it a fact that these professional fistaerou Bi, are called upon regulai^ to produce fish in lakes tbey^re never seen under omditions that keep many anglera close to the house.

aeve X is a Beach teen: "I didn't want to macry the girl," he said. m mami N s TATvncs Curx Htf artbaatet indicate t|Hn¥li« laa^ 600,000 to m,a00 heroi B addkte in the Unitad Stito L Antique Shop Foi- Sale (te bwy. Adaptable to country store or o^er roadside business. Parte yoor trailer here and let the place ^y for taelf. It is quite possible th«t some of our State Cham- pions this year will wind up on the 197C Olympic team. While there will be no admission charged, it is hoped each fan will donate $1 in order to send the State Champions to the National Tournament in Las Vagas, Nevada. Duckpin Cheerleader of the week slated The Eighth Annial State- wide Duckpin Tournament for handicapped people is being held at 1 p.m., May 2, at Fair Lanes Military, 6820 Military Highway. Inc., and Fair Lanes Mili- tary, and Is approved by thl Duckpin Congress of Amerioi. ■ '—- '^ '- ' -- II ■ i I PP^^^^Pp^P^IRI^RVi^l^^ "•"F- Virginia Be»ch Sun, April 14, 1976 - B-3 Weldon helps Cavs start quickly By BLAIR THURMAN Sun Sports Editor Every baseball team should have a David Weldon. R wi U begin at noon from Kings parking lot at 2356 Virginia Beach Boulevard, and end at Priociss Anne Park. Payne said that "some people think we may get into trg#)le next year if we reduce the rate this year." be said ttiat the proposed increase on the hotel-motel tax by one j^vi ob the dok to describe this beautiful home, and the lovely things in it. A pair of old Tudor doors came from Sain Anastasia's church in Waukegan where the owner once served as an acolyte. There is a fine old desk, with a corner chair, done in apricot needlepoint. GALILEE EPISCOPAL CHURCH - Pacific Avenue at ^Kh street. Tlie boys of each Den dressed in costumes depicting patriots of the 'old days, participated in the program which was inter- spersed with song, panto- mines and skits about his- torical events. Webelos Den 1 - Todd Tompkins received Cub Scouting's highest award, the Arrow of Light plus the Citizen Badge; Eric Nor-» fleet, Acquanaut, Athlete and Outdoorsman Badge; Jimmy Palermo, Scholar and Geologist; Davld Grav- ely, Artist and Athlete; Will Conner, Citizen; Doug Hunter, Geologist; John Owens, Athlete. "n M edi^iaal M^feosto of tte Afxrtl Crurade Is Ireatf eoti Mr and w^o Mn w Ul be teav^ a Mder an Uta^ tot»rt»t MB^mlttm about t Us torn of can- cer at eadi tame. Plnson Meal, Jr., Chairman m^Camser Cruade in Virginia i IPPPPPi P«Pi PPii«PPPP9V i^mmm^m^^^ ■piifi ■ m 'W^w^^'-m » " Virginia Beach Sun, April 28, 1916 - A-5 Beach actors holding sway at Cavalier Shaughnessy star of play Barry, Jan«, Thar Ma with Mo Ry and JBy Ma The Cavalier Diiiher Playhouse will present its l OOth production tonight. And In bath ull waler and fresh, liirhl line riahing with down- riggen i« fad sainins in popularity. It's no myst MT where fish in ihc M older invoaadmenu live.