Vocaloid dating sim online

"You taste like banana." you say with a teasing smile.

You gasp a little at the sudden contact, allowing Len's tongue entrance to your mouth. You continue to kiss until the ice cream begins to melt and you feel drops on your hand.

You pull away, but your lips are still connected by a strand of saliva.

You discard the melted ice cream cone and leave to go to the riverbank. It's one of those things that's got restrooms and shops and food courts and such. Typically I can't write a romance to save my life, but I think this one went well, ze?

As you walk towards the river, Len has his arm loosely around your waist. Other visitors to the park have also taken refuge in the building.

NOTHING EROTIC, but just some nice boyfriend/girlfriend fluff. "So people won't recognize me." he explains when he sees you eyeing his outfit. Len takes your arm and the two of you go for a stroll through the park.