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We remove the black, bitter outer shell and roast the inside.

They’re light and nutty with a smooth taste and, unlike other seeds and nuts, not heavy or oily.” Although less crunchy than other seeds, they have a pleasant, popcorn-like taste — if you’re the kind of person who owns 15 types of nut butter and sprinkles chia on everything, they’ll be right up your clean-eating street.

It's the classic fruit-based, late-summer calamity. You’ve got hold of a big chunk of juicy, refreshing watermelon — the most refreshing neon-pink fruit on the market — but you’ve got nowhere to spit the seeds. But it turns out we should all stop all that because watermelon seeds are gearing up to take over from sunflower and pumpkin as the coolest kernels, for nibbling neat or sprinkling on your gluten-free muesli and organic hummus.

Watermelon juice company Mello has recently launched a range of watermelon seeds, roasted or chillified, to its range. Because those black pellets are a nutritional powerhouse.

So she immediately set about adding them to the Mello range.

“People expect them to taste the same as when you eat them from the watermelon. Seeds straight from the watermelon are bitter and tough.

They’ve already been championed by health bloggers such as the Hemsley sisters and Clean Eating Alice.