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Some of these deep issues about dating in the gay community comes up.

Serving as the show's host is former ' NSync member Lance Bass. It's right up my alley, I love television, and I especially love reality competition shows.

He called me, I believe after they had cast the whole thing.

It's crazy to me that people have such strong feelings about it.

I mean, some of the suitors they give the best sound bytes ever. Why do you think we need a gay dating reality show? When you can turn on your television and see straight dating, gay dating, it's a step forward towards equality. I mean, there are layers on this show and I think it may educate some of the audience.

Your role as host is unique in that you're on the outside looking in. It's frustrating, because I don't know what's going on inside the house.

They keep me very removed from all the situations in the house, because they don't want me to influence Robert [Sepulveda, the Bachelor] in any way with any information he didn't know.

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