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It’s been a long running gag between Mulaney and Hader, who created Stefon together back in 2008, for Mulaney to try his hardest to get Hader to break character.

Instead of endlessly promoting Spud Webb in Saturday’s broadcast, it was obviously decided by the writers that Dan Cortese would be placed in the spotlight instead.

and just starting laughing and trying to control it. So I figured it’d be fun to keep messing with him so that he laughs every time so I just started putting new jokes on the cue cards between dress [rehearsal] and air.” writing days behind him, the staff clearly picked up where he left off.

In case you missed it, Bill Hader’s Stefon returned to “Weekend Update” last night, and he had a brilliant time at the expense of former MTV Sports Guy, Dan Cortese.

I don’t remember which late-night show I saw the interview on, but Hader once said that the reason he frequently cracks up as Stefon is because they f**k with the cue cards on him, and insert things designed to make him laugh.