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' recent profile on Sivan spent most of its air-time trying to deliver a crash course on You Tube "vlogging", which, up until recently, was what Sivan was best known for.

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Adding fuel to the fire, magazine listed Sivan in their "25 Most Influential Teens of 2014".

Amazingly though, after spending some time with Sivan over the course of six months, all of these achievements seem to be nothing more than just tentative first steps for the impressive youngster.

This is important because Sivan's age comes up a lot when people talk about him.

Not just because his achievements to date are mind boggling, but because his methods and his mindset are so thoroughly modern that even to understand exactly what he has achieved requires a knowledge of youth culture that most Gen X or Baby Boomers have no idea about.

For many millennials, Sivan has been a constant for a large portion of their lives, inspiring them to be their own version of themselves.