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We have the greatest crew and I made some really great friendships, going to the movies with Daniel and our wardrobe designers, getting to enjoy the town and enjoy getting to know each other.” The young actors who fill Elizabeth’s classroom as her students found friendships from their time on set, too. They spend a good amount of downtime talking to each other and playing hand games or creeping over to craft services,” she says. “They’re working long days and it’s exhausting to focus that long [but] they’re so cute and really so genuinely excited to be there and learn that they make it very easy for me.” In addition to finding inspiration in the kids, Krakow tapped her memories of her own teachers. I’ve been very lucky to have quite a few teachers who had something special about them and their passion for teaching came through and made me excited to learn,” she recalls fondly.

“From the start, I felt very connected to the character and the world.” Krakow grew up watching has picked up that mantle as family-friendly (and kid-safe) programming that everybody can watch together.

“It’s been a while since there’s been a show that appeals to everyone in the family in the same way.

A Julliard graduate just coming off a run on the final season of Lifetime’s , Krakow says the transition from modern-day war veteran to early 20th century teacher was fairly seamless.

“My background is theater-based and I’ve done a good amount of classical work and I had that to help me,” she points out.