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The pair are already parents to a two-year-old daughter named Hazel.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Emily Blunt Over the weekend, John and Emily were seen at the farmer’s market with their daughter (not pictured), grabbing some fresh food!

How inspired they all are by the charity work of all parties involved in the Brangelina divorce, because this is a classy group and they're not going to just gossip blindly. The fact that they really need to stop talking about the Brangelina divorce, because Emily has her junket tomorrow and she's probably going to get a lot of annoying questions about her costar Justin Theroux's marriage to Jennifer Aniston.5. A debate on if Kate Mc Kinnondoes a better impression of Hillary than Hillary does. The twist ending to , before they realized that Chelsea hasn't had time to finish the book because she's been so busy with the campaign and they totally spoiled it.10.

Lovers were gathering at restaurants and in bars to eat, drink and be merry.

But at La Esquina in the Nolita neighborhood, there was a very special get-together.