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I’m walking with no luggage and no nothing and it’s just me and my ankles are bleeding a little bit and there’s grass stuck in my shoes and I’ve got this outfit on and it’s real sort of New York clothing and I’m sprinting.” Even if she hoofed it from NYC to the cornfields, we’re sure Gaga did it in 10-inch platform heels and her signature leather bra. She continued, “The idea that when you’re away from someone you love, it’s torture.

I knew I wanted the video to be about me sprinting back and walking hundreds of thousands of miles to get him back.” That’s love, for damned sure.

Aside from the fact that Nebraska produced Luc Carl, Gaga espoused her fondness for the State, saying, “And I love this state so much.” Looks like the children of the cornfields have a new state ambassador, and her name is Lady Gaga.

Gaga also shed a little light on the plot of the film, saying that the premise of the video is that “I’ve walked all the way from New York City to Nebraska to get him back.

Gaga and Kinney attended the 2014 Golden Globes after-parties together on Jan.