Who is madisen hill dating dating air force man

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She had a supporting role in the film “The New Republic” and in two short films, “Summer Campbell” and “Summer.” Madisen won Pop Single of the Year at the 20th Annual LA Music Awards Voting Party with her first single “Suga,” which was also released on i Tunes, along with another single “Alien Eyes.” Her songs “Dance Floor High” and “XOX” were released on “The Karma Club” (Jessica Brody) teen novel soundtrack, and she is currently writing and recording a solo album.

its not like your gonna meet him and start dating him. i think this is sort of funny, yeah people say they know him and are close, maybe some are but i don't see how by someone saying that can annoy someone else.......? so please do all of us booboo fans a favor and stop this s*** right now. But I live in Estonia aka North Europe so i have 0% of meeting Boo Boo Stewart. Do people honestly have to make up lies that Boo Boo is dating people they know in their school or their best friend or something?? I don't think that Boo Boo is dating because he's always looks really busy but nobody knows. we should be happy for him and keep out of it, personally I think he has a right to keep it quite, with all mad fans who claim they are his best bud.

you DUMB NUT you know i really dont think he has a girlfriend. why do you people even want to know if he has a girlfriend. You all say you know him, but the real truth is that you know him from watching him on the television or movie screen. and for those of you who are making up random rumors about him dating different people, stop it.

I showed him this website last night and he was like whoa?!?!?! lmfao, wow, you guys are losers, saying you know him. for those of you who say that you personally know him, why don't you prove it to us. Why do you people even want to know if he has a girlfriend.

I don't think that he would lie, He doesn't seem like that type of guy. its not like your gonna meet him and start dating him. I'm sure he wishes he had time for his fans , but he obviously doesn't. You're making him look bad and many of his fans wouldn't like that. but I know that because of his career taking off with the singing and acting, he doesn't have time to have a girlfriend or even pay attention to a relationship right now.